OCON’S SEAD™ - currently in Phase II Clinical Studies - offers disposable, point of care therapy for abnormal uterine bleeding – a far more comfortable and cost effective alternative for hundreds of thousands of women per year who opt for the current procedure.

The Problem - Abnormal Uterine Bleeding (AUB)

Global endometrial ablation (GEA) is a second line of treatment (Post hormonal treatment) which requires hospitalization and general anesthesia and is very painful.

The Solution - The SEAD™

The SEAD™ is an acute intrauterine product for women with abnormal uterine bleeding, a problem affecting 1 of 5 women globally. The current standard of care (global ablation) is considered invasive, burdensome, debilitating and costly. 

Second generation ablation technologies currently in use require capital equipment, extensive training, general anesthesia & hospitalization and cause high indirect cost of annually $12B in the US alone.

The SEAD™ is a market game changer through simplicity, cost effectiveness and new and innovative yet gentle “substance-derived ablation” technology.

The SEAD™ value proposition:

  • Highly cost effective: <1/2 compared to current treatments.
  • Less invasive for women: no need for hospitalization or general anesthesia
  • A 30 minute in-office procedure: as easy, quick and painless as an IUD insertion.
  • Short learning curve compared to current options.
  • Overcomes problems of uterine size and/or shape limitations.

The SEAD™ Endometrial Ablation is self-limiting (stops Ablation at Basal Layer) and may offer an Endometrial ‘reset’ (vs. destruction) as done today. Phase I Clinical Studies have demonstrated safety. Phase II Clinical Studies are currently ongoing.

The SEAD™ has the potential of becoming a strong and attractive player in the worldwide GEA markets through its simplicity, cost effectiveness and new and innovative yet gentle “substance-based Ablation” technology.

* Parker P.M. ICON Group International, Inc.; Las Vegas, NV: 2017. The 2018-23 World Outlook for Endometrial Ablation Devices.



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