The storybehind the IUB™

OCON Healthcare has its roots in the summer of 2008 when Dr. Ilan Baram, MD, had a serendipitous idea that ball-shaped IUDs would solve the problem of malposition – a situation where the standard T-shaped IUD shifts and turns inside the uterus and which is difficult to detect on ultrasound. Malposition could also be a possible cause for pain and excess bleeding.

Dr. Baram, a senior gynecologist who focuses on contraception at his clinics immediately started working on finding a solution to the problem: how to pass a ball-shaped IUD through the cervical canal which is only a few millimeters in diameter. 

This ‘magic’ was eventually enabled by a material with unique elastic properties called Nitinol, a metal alloy used extensively in medical implants such as coronary stents which can be ‘programmed’ to retain a certain shape.

"When OCON was established in early 2011 we chose Nitinol for the IUB™’s frame core and went on to design the gentlest shape to minimize risks and endometrial irritation." Dr. Ilan Baram, Inventor of the IUB™

Since then we have developed additional IUB™ variants to provide a better fit to all women seeking high quality long acting reversible contraception and are involved in developing novel women’s health products based on our proprietary frame.

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