The next generation IUD: IUB™ - Intrauterine Ball

Hormone free contraception for 5 years

The IUB™ copper pearls are a birth control method that requires no hormones and is effective for up to 5 years. The IUB™ works along the same principle as other intrauterine devices and prevents pregnancy locally - within the uterus. The contraceptive effect comes mainly from the copper.

The IUB™ copper pearls consist of a special shape memory alloy, which has been successfully used in medicine for a long time, e.g. in implants and stents. Several copper pearls are strung on a uterus friendly frame, coated with polymer.

The uterus friendly IUB

Once the flexible IUB™ frame is released from the insertion tube in the uterus it remembers its 3-dimensional past and coils into a round and smooth shape without sharp edges and corners.

Attached to one end of the frame are two removal strings that serve to remove the IUB™.

The use of the shape memory alloy Nitinol as carrier material in an intrauterine contraception device is unique. For many years this alloy has been successfully used in medical implants.

The IUB™ lasts for up to 5 years.

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