High-Tech contraception with shape memory

The IUB™ Ballerine® is a proprietary* spherical intrauterine platform which takes full advantage of the super-elastic properties of nitinol, a biocompatible nickel-titanium alloy that is commonly used in vascular stents among other applications. The use of nitinol allows the IUB™ Ballerine® to better adapt to the uterine cavity and provide contraction compliance.

When deployed into the uterine cavity, the IUB™ Ballerine® turns away from the fundus, maintains a diameter larger than the cervical canal and has superior flexibility and minimal tissue protrusion. These characteristics are expected to reduce the rate of complications and side effects. In addition to these benefits, no special clinician training is required to start using devices based on the IUB™ platform.

The IUB™ platform forms the basis for a line of products.

*patents pending

The advantages over other systems are:

  • easy insertion
  • almost no risk of perforation 
  • less irritation of the endometrium due to the small size, flexibility and the lack of sharp edges

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